We told the human story of football at striking scale

UAE President's Cup Final 2024 – National Projects Office


A chance to nurture fan culture

The President’s Cup is the most coveted in UAE football. We were asked to produce the opening ceremony and trophy presentation for the 2024 Final. In a nation where football is growing, we saw an opportunity to offer fans an enhanced experience.


A celebration of learning, teamwork and support

We strategically involved fans in every part of the Final, and crafted a narrative that portrayed footballers on a human and relatable level.

The ceremony showed how football is an ongoing journey, powered by the support of teammates and fans alike.


United by Football

With a live cast and immersive projections onto the pitch, our ceremony followed two boys growing into professional footballers. Their journey of learning and teamwork was combined with projections of historic UAE football moments, forming a human expression of the national football story.

Original Compositions

An original song we produced became the sound of the match, and we used light, sound and professional MCs to build and maintain energy in the stadium. The ceremony broadcast ensured that all fans – at home and in-stadium – shared in each key emotional moment.